Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flirting Garbage Men

Please click on this link:



JoGJMac( said...

OMG! more! more!

lucille said...

Ernie, He really is a great Flirt! Poor lady....ha ha ha ha!

Today is August 5 here and it is your birthday . All the best for you today and always.

Happy Birthday to you!

orionjri said...

Would have been funnier if the characters swapped places. As it was, the female was shown to be "true" to common misconception: DUMB. Surely no female would have been taken in by the antics of those nitwitted, seemingly gender-reassigned clowns. Charming as garbos!

If you watch closely, toward the end of the skit, the duo showed their true sexual orientation and their naughty bent. No male possessed of true manhood would be so grossly unchivalrous toward a stricken female.

On behalf of the maligned sisterhood, I protest. Common, ladies. We know better than that. Take up the banner of outrage and roar like a real woman. Dig out your collection of aberrant male anecdotes and let us show them who is really what.

Our dear birthday celebrant has started the skirmish. Let the fun begin.

ErnestoDR said...

oh.. oh.. I guess we are in trouble guys!
To the rescue please!
Honestly, I was expecting the flirtatious guys would at least help the lady get up. They had a wonderful time while it last!
Thanks for the kind wishes, Jo, Pilar, Ms Orion JRI, and Nelia.
To the rest of our batchmates, thanks for your deafening silence!

JoGJMac( said...

the lady is to be blamed, too, for what happened to her. i'm sure she knew that the boys were flirting and making fun of her. if i were in her shoes, i would either ignore them or give them a piece of my mind (for them to concentrate in their job). after all, part of their salary ay galing sa taxes na binabayaran ko. di sana siya nadapa. kaso mo, she was flirting, too. smile siya ng smile.

even sa kaso ni hayden kho, i disliked what he did, but at the same time, i blame his partners. kung wala silang consent (unless they were raped) wala sanang sex scandal.