Saturday, August 29, 2009


I shall pass through this world but once,
Any good thing that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it
now and not defer it;
For I shall pass never this way again.
by.... Stephen
Life isn't just about getting to destination,
It's about the jurney... don't think to rush
The journey is the most important part,
What you take from the people you influence and what you learn and experience along the way
The journey is where you find God,
What you learn about Him.
That is what life is all about and if you don't take the time to get to know Him, then you will
miss the meaning of the whole picture.
Things in life aren't at random and they don't happen by accident . There is a wonderful plan
at work and it runs deeper than you know.
God's force flows through life affecting your personal destiny and the destiny of the world you
live in.
Don't fall for the "big bang" lies that there is no purpose and no reason and you don't seem to
be getting anywhere
His plan is on schedule and things are happening exactly when and where He knows they
should. There is a reason for everything.

And You Can Make A Difference

You are under God's care in this journey through life and He loves you.

There is no beauty as striking as His, no power as potent as His, no feelings as stimulating as
His, no words as truthful as His, no stability as sturdy as His, no strength as reliable as His, no
protection as dependable as His, no gifts as perc ious as His, no lov e as enduring as His.

Remember ...
His love for you can never be measured , contained, explained, understood , compared or seen
It must be accepted for what it is... the purest, truest love you will ever know

So, don't rush through life putting aside your time with God or enjoying your family and friends,
otherwise you will miss the whole point and all that you accomplish and go through will be for

Make the most of your journey by learning about Him, seeking Him , discovering Him and
helping and being a light to all those around you.
Before you know it , you'll have arrived at the final stop and He'll be there waiting for you ....

Hope this serves to inspire you, my friends...


lucille said...

Welcome back Fely ! The post is really inspiring,may all of us be able to make a Difference. More postings please. All the best for you and Meling.

JoGJMac( said...

love the message in your post and excited that you're into blogging na.

more! more!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Fely, thank you for sharing to us this article. This is very inspiring. Hope for more posting in our blogsite. How are you now? Regards to Meling.

felynr said...

Thank you for your comments and personal regards . It's just now that i found the rightful time and "courage" to share whatever i can to our blog.
Warmest regards to all.

ErnestoDR said...


Thanks for the posting! I am certain this is not the first and the last. Do share more.

I always view life as a journey towards a destination that we always want and hope to be in --- the heaven where we all could be together sharing God's glory!

A good metaphor is the one close to my heart --- that of flying.
Before a plane takes off, we pilots have a flight plan. We know exactly where we are going and we start off in accordance with the flight plan. But during the course of flight, internal and external forces affect the plane --- mechanical malfunction, wind, rain, turbulence, air traffic, and even human errors.

Due to these factors, the airplane more oftenly deviate from its course but get back to it in time. Barring any major reason, the plane reaches its destination.

This happens by the use of aircraft instruments and computers, and advisories from air traffic controllers that constantly give feedback to the pilots who process the information, and make adjustments to bring the airplane back to its original course.

Like in life, we deviate from our course many times. But our hope does not lie in those deviations but in our vision and our honest attempts to get back on the right course of our life.

In doing so, we enjoy the journey as much as our eagerness to reach our destination.

Let's therefore keep the faith and set our eyes on JESUS!

orionjri said...

Yo' go, girl! Three cheers!!!