Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reaching-out To Our Aeta Brothers

With Nelia and her siblings and nephews, we, Emma and Fred and Julie spent this Sunday going to the "Bayan-Bayanan ng Aeta in Bilolo". It was a different experience for them specifically ,they intimated, because for the past days they have been going around places of interest in Bataan and Subic. They had been at the Dambana ng Kagitingan, Corregidor and some beaches in Bagac and the SBMA tourists destinations.

The trip to the Aeta community was really a different one...the bumpy and narrow road, the unusual open structures which turned out to be the dwelling places of a number of Aeta families and the throng of Aeta children,barefooted and naked.We were told that they were given slippers by Julie Ann Santos,the actress who sponsors their schooling but they don't like to wear them.

We brought some old clothes,candies and chocolates and Nelia and her brothers give some cash for the small infants milk because we witnessed that they are only fed with a mixture of water and brown sugar.

It feels good to reach out to our Aeta brothers even in some little ways .


JoGJMac( said...

i'm so proud of you, guys, for your kindness to our aeta brothers.

ErnestoDR said...

Maraming Salamat naman at nabisita nyo ang aming mga kapit-bahay dyan sa Bilolo!
JoGJMac, brothers mo pala sila?
(Joke only, ha?)

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

I am really proud of you batchmates for being charitable. We really have to share our blessings for those who are in needs. I know you did this for your love to our Lord God.

JoGJMac( said...

Sir EDR, hanga talaga ako sa sense of humor mo! hahaha!

JoGJMac( said...

btw, i did'nt say MY aeta brothers. i said OUR aeta brothers. parang kasama ka rin doon. hehehe!

ErnestoDR said...

Tama ka Jo, parang mas appropriate sa akin kasi malapit sila sa bahay namin sa Bilolo. Ha..ha..ha..