Monday, June 1, 2009

An Urgent Memo to Our Lifetime Batch Leader, Mike

Dear Mr President,

There is a bit of confusion here about the dates of our 2010 Reunion. As our Countdown Clock shows, time is ticking fast and the Big Celebration is soon upon us.

However, it would seem we are still toing and froing on the final dates. Please note the messages and comments posted by some of our batchmates (Change of Reunion Dates ) and confirm once and for all the final dates of our 2010 Reunion to facilitate final arrangements for work leaves and travel.

Kind and urgent attention, please, Mr President. We must keep the flame of our reunion fervour burning, and more brightly than ever. It would be an absolute pity to miss this Get-Together of the Decade. (Come to think of it, this affair is a decade opener. Year 2010 and onwards, the new "teenage" years of the 6o'ers).

This site awaits your official and final say on this issue.


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