Sunday, June 7, 2009

ROBERTO GOMEZ - Rest in Peace

We've lost another one of us. The Batch share the searing pain of this terrible loss. Our collective hearts go to Yay and the rest of the family and offer our deepest, sincerest sympathy and prayers for comfort and strength during this time of unspeakable grief.


ErnestoDR said...

From the Del Rosarios;
Our heart-felt condolence to the family of Ruben!
As he joins our Creator, may he find eternal repose in His kingdom!

Emma Magpoc said...

Last Saturday,while attending mass,Rubens brother,Manny asked if our batch knows already about his passing away.According to him,Rubenwas scheduled for a by pass operation when it happened.And he confirmed that Ruben is coming home for the reunion.He was buried last Sunday at the USA.I share the grief of his family especially Malaya his wife who was my classmate in an MA class at PNC and his brothers here in Orion who are my kumpares.
Most of our classmates could not recall Ruben as he was known to intimates.He was a resident of San Vicente,their house next to the municipal hall and known also as Ruben Pusod.Tahimik yan noon and when he enlisted at the US Navy bihira na siyang napapasyal sa Orion. May his soul rest in peace with the Lord.

Ed Benjamin said...

From Annie and Eddie:
We wish to convey our sincrest condolence to Yay and their children. Ruben was a former shipmate onboard USS NITRO (AE-23),as our disbursing clerk. He took care of our pay and records related to travel and expenses for our crew of 250 personnel. The Gomez family lived in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey From 1981 - 1984, while Annie and our kids lived in Delaware. Ruben and I finished two(2) Mediterranean cruises on this ammunition ship and have visited a few ports in Greece, Italy, and Spain during the deployment. Sadly, we lost contact after our change of assignment in 1984. We were hoping to reconnect at this coming reunion. Fair winds and following seas, shipmate. We pray that the good Lord bless his soul, and grant his bereaved family strength and comfort during their darkest moments of grief. Amen.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

My deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of Ruben Gomez. I keep on sending him an e-mail regarding our renunion but no response from him. Yesterday I had a long telephone conversation to Ruben Baluyot. When He said he was Ruben I asked Ruben Gomez or Ruben Baluyot. We talked about Ruben Gomez and I told Ruben Baluyot that we cannot count on his attendance kasi wala siyang response sa e-mail ko kaya pala ay wala na siya at talagang hindi makakaatend ng reunion natin. May his soul rest in peace in the Glory of our Lord God in heaven.

JoGJMac( said...

What a sad episode before our Reunion of the Decade! We share the grief and loss over Ruben's untimely demise. Our hearts go to his bereaved family.

Ruben has signified his desire to attend the great Batch'63 happening in January, 2009, but destiny had other plans for him.

For all of us who would still be around by the reunion dates, let's celebrate our LUCK by trying our VERY BEST to be PRESENT! Most likely, it will take many years before another reunion of this magnitude would take place. What a difficult feeling it would be to be absent and then to spend the following days, months, years, in remorse and "what ifs".

Let's re-live the fun of our youth, by spending days with our batchmates. LET'S BE PRESENT DURING THE "REUNION OF THE DECADE"!!!