Friday, June 12, 2009

List of Departed Batch mates

Although I have posted this list in my comments to Josie's blog ,I agree with her that it is better to have them as a separate posting.This list is randomly done:

1. Rodolfo Cayabyab
2. Rolando Bagtas
3. Rolando Santiago
4. Ruben Gonzales
5 .Antonio Lopez
6. Romeo Mariano
7.Narciso Racion
8.Ruperto Estrella
9.Ambrocio Perez
10.Ursulo Quicho
11.Concordia Baluyot
12.Roberto Gomez

They will be included in our intentions in the Thanksgiving mass to be held on January 16,2010.

Let us always remember them in our prayers.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz thank you for posting list of our batchmates who passed away. I cannot recall Antonio Lopez, Ruperto Estrella and Ambrocio Perez. Anyway let us include their soul in our daily prayers. I know that eventhough they will not be with us in our reunion of the decade, their spirit will be around watching and joining us in our joy and laughters. Can we ask photo of each one of them from their relative, put in a bristol board with their name and have it in our reunion. This is only a suggestion. Again many thanks.

JoGJMac( said...

My friend, thanks for the immediate action to my request. Tomorrow is Father's Day - a very good day to offer prayers/ masses for our departed batchmates.

Did you notice that:
---out of the 12, iisa lang ang babae, 11 ang lalaki?

---the first name of 7, starts with letter R?

wala lang akong magawa. let this not scare anyone.

aida_sison said...

Your observation is as good as mine.
May R din ang tatlong lalaki. Si Antonio lang ang wala. Baka naman 'R' ang kanyang middle initial. Anong say nyo? Si Concordia may 'R' din di ba? Just asking...di ko tinatakot ang mga may 'R' sa pangalan nila.

C C ramirez said...

Jo and Aida,
you've scared the unmentionable out of me. So I have decided to change all the r's in my name to l's. It sounds dreadfully off key though. D'ya think it's gonna keep me safe?

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Cora, hindi ka nagiisa. May r din ang pangalan ko. But let us not be scared. Just let us pray that God will get us in a right time.

aida_sison said...

Azon, tawang tawa ako sa naisip mong intervention. Pati ang apo kong nagtatype para sa akin di mapigil na di humagalpak ng tawa. Nabubulol ako ah...papraktisin ko na para sa reunion natin di na ako mabubulol.