Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chatting Incident - Re: Ruben Gomez

More details on what transpired during my chat with Nelia, Luz and Fely: I was the last one to join the chat It was Luz who told me that Ruben's name (in green color) appeared in Nelia's frame while they were chatting.

I told Luz that maybe Ruben is asking for prayers, so I requested her to offer a mass for the eternal repose of his soul. I said maybe, it would be a good idea to invite his kins, and our batchmates in Orion, to attend and maybe have breakfast or a simple salu-salo afterwards. during which they could talk about him in reminiscence.

I also encoded a prayer for him which I sent to Luz: "ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO RUBEN, O LORD; AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON HIM." My internet connection was cut off, right after sending that prayer to Luz. I repeated the same prayer verbally, facing our altar. The connection was restored. At that moment, I got a message from Nelia, asking me if I got what she wrote about the strange incident that happened to her and Luz. When I said -no- she related it to me again. At this point, I requested Luz to send me the names of all the departed batchmates, so I can offer a mass for them, too.

How about posting the list in our blog, so all of us can offer prayers/masses for all of them?


lucille said...

As soon as I have the complete list I will post all the names of our departed batch mates. In my list I have 10 namely Rodolfo Cayabyab,Rolando Bagtas,Rolando Santiago, Ruben Gonzales, Narciso Racion,Antonio Lopez,Ursulo Quicho, Ambrocio Perez, Concordia Baluyot and the latest Roberto Gomez.
Batch mates, please add to this list whoever I have missed.

neliaamparo said...

Luz, you forgot Romeo Mariano.

lucille said...

Thanks Nelia,from Belen she added Ruperto Estrella from all in all we have 12 departed batchmates.

Here are the batchmates we have no contact yet from the graduation program list.

1Rodolfo Tiambeng
2.Rodolfo Guzman- he is in US
3.Rolando Dalisay- do-
4.Alberto Olmo-Mercy is assigned
to contact his relatives
5.Alberto Gabriel--Belen will contact his relatives.
6.Juanita Fernando--cannot trace any relative
7.Domingo Peralta- same as Juanita
8.Felipa Villegas-- relatives don't have her address.
9.Rosalia Villazor--Perlita willcontact relatives in Orion.
10.Eduardo Baltazar--Lagrimas will try to contact him
11.Ismael Barcarse--belen will contact his relatives for his address.
12.Danilo Guzman (wawa) Rollie can trace his whereabouts.
13.Salvador Linao--Reynaldo Diolola knows his address in Tarlac.
14.Clarita Navarro--I will contact her relatives Zeny Guzman,my barkada in Wawa.
15.Elvira Estrella--Mercy is assigned to get her address.

aida_sison said...

A correction please...Elvira Estrella is not a member of Batch 1963 since Belen said She transferred to another school when we were 4th year high school