Thursday, June 4, 2009

Draft of the Invitation and Program of Activities of the Reunion

Batch mates, please comment on the drafts of the invitation and program of activities. I still have to find appropriate designs for these . These will also be presented during our meeting next month and once your suggestions are incorporated we will start sending these through mail to all batchmates. Your comments/suggestions will be appreciated.

J R I O r i o n
Batch 1963

Reunion of the Decade Committee

Invites you to celebrate with all the old,

Familiar faces that you have missed over the past


Come and join us as we renew friendships,

Reminisce about days gone by and share

In life’s experiences, both past and present!

January 17, 18,and 19, 2010

Batch Picnic

Overnight Cookout and Swimming

Dinner Dance


P r o g r a m of A c t i v i t i e s

I. January 16 5:30 PM Thanksgiving Mass
St. Michael Parish Church

II. January 17 9:00 AM Batch Picnic (Pot Luck)
Man Forest Resort

Each member is entitled to bring one
Guest or Member of the family
There will be a separate program ;
games, raffle, sharing stories/experiences/
" balik-tanaw "sa high school days.

111. January 18 5:00PM Overnight Stay at Raven Resort- Abucay


IV. January 19 7:00 PM Dinner Dance
Raven Resort, Abucay

It seems I cannot post the correct format no matter how many times I have revised it. I used the Microsoft Word. Anyway, the final one will be prepared correctly.


orionjri said...

Program draft looks fine. Will look much better once fleshed out with details.

Allow me a few questions, please Luz:

Is there a financial or capacity constraint on the number of people who will gather at the Limay Resort? If there is none, and since it is a potluck (Aussie BYO-Bring Your Own but share-)meal,

.. can original batchers take along with them more than one immediate family member,ie, children, grandchildren? as long as they bring enough to feed their brood plus a couple of guests? or
.. is there a practical reason for limiting the number to batchers plus one?

The overnight stay in Abucay:
.. Is the place blockbooked for accommodation?
.. Is that affair limited to batchers only
.. Can a batcher attend the bbq dinner and sleep at home?

The Formal dance:
.. Is it for the batchers only, partners not allowed as it was in 2007?
.. Is it formal attire? If so what is "formal"? I guess we all have culturally different ideas about being formally dressed. An Aussie man is quite formal in shorts, socks and poloshirtwith a necktie. A free-spirited woman is quite formally attired with just some glittery tassels dangling from her pair of "buttons" and a microskirt. There are some amongst us who have a wardrobe full of Imeldatype Butterfly sleeves and gents with the latest style barong. Some feel overdressed with anything other than a pair of slacks and tops. Some feel underdressed with anything short of the santacruzan costumes. So how do we define formal?

I may have a few more questions but will ask you later just in case you are already annoyed.

Thanks for all the hard work you've put in. If this reunion is not a roaring success it will not be because you have not done more than your best. You've excelled everyone and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

orionjri said...

Luz, it's me again. Apologies re the 3rd item. I skimmed over the post rather quickly the first time. The draft in fact made no mention of a formal dance. Rather it is a Dinner Dance. So I guess it is anything comfortable.

lucille said...

Thank you very much Cora for the questions you posed.
The limitation for the number of persons a batchmate can bring along in the batch picnic came about during our last meeting. The observation was,there were lesser batch interaction because most of the members were busy attending to the needs of the people they brought along.We will further discuss this matter again in our next meeting and get the consensus of the body as to the number of guests/member of the family.
The place in Limay is big enough to accomodate at least 300 people but the big cottages, can only hold 50 persons .
We are not yet pre-booked in the Abucay Resort. During the group's visit there with Pilar,they did not accept our early booking.Rollie is in charged of this task and will be reporting the status on our next meeting.
The overnight affair in Abucay includes spouses of our balikbayan batchmates only. There are not enough rooms for all. Acc to those who have visited the venue,others can stay in one big room, the males in one side and the females in the other side. The purpose of the overnight stay is to have more time for fellowship, so I suppose it will be more fun if all can stay overnight.
For the dinner dance,it is semi-formal , we will get the suggestions of others if it will be the same as last 2007.
All of us here are doing our share,we have divided the tasks to be accomplished, I am a member of the Program and Invitation Committee with Emma, Julie and Aida.I am rushing the draft since it will serve as an early reminder for batchmates to have the dates free in their calendar.
Your suggestions will be very valuable.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thank you again for giving time in the preparation of our Reunion of the Decade. I think the invitation is O.K. Regarding that overnight, Is the check in time 5:00 p.m. not 12:00 p.m. If so, what is the check out time. Do we have to stay in Raven till the night of Dinner dance.

Cora, hindi puwedeng umuwi during that overnight. Kaya nga overnight eh. Kasi pag may umuwing isa may susunod pa hanggang sa wala ng matitira sa site.

Luz, I am leaving you guys whatever is the best with regards to our Reunion of the Decade. If ever some will not be satisfied, in this event it is not your fault. We are so thankful that you guys there in the Philippines are giving time inspite of your busy schedules.

Hope many here abroad will be coming home for this event.