Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Wild Dreams

Ernie, Fely and I had a long" Conference Chat" last Wednesday and one topic we focused on was how lucky are most members of Batch '63 to follow our dreams... which we never expected to fulfill given the past life situation we were in during our high school days. Indeed we are lucky to have visited some famous places in some parts of the world. Fely intimated that she is fascinated with Europe and she wants to visit Spain where one of her brothers is comfortably settled . She also want to see Austria, her dream country. Ernie shared how he appreciated his previous career as pilot, which brought him to many places in the world for free. The three of us agreed that dreams really come true.
Let me share two of my wildest dreams; one has been fulfilled when I first set foot on the famous "Romantic City of Venice in Italy in May 2000. I couldn't contain my tears when I saw the city built on a swampy and smelly lagoon . I wondered how this city attracts tourists and I surmised it is the Gondola ride ! Yes,riding the gondola is one of my wildest dreams. I made sure that there were photo shots of this memorable event in my life . I still feel euphoric looking back at the boat ride with a handsome Italian as boatman !
I still have to fulfill another dream ,that is riding in a hot air balloon . For three years now, I always get the schedule of Activities of the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark every February but I haven't gone there to watch the exhibition flights of participating hot air balloon fanatics all over the world. I am still wishing this dream will come true, soon.

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