Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ruben Gomez

I would like to share with you a very strange thing that happened tonight while chatting with Luz,Fely and Jo,Ernie namiss mo ito.Me and Luz were in the middle of chatting about our reunion when all of a sudden Ruben's name appeared on the top right hand corner of the frame.He's full name appeared blinking in green ,the color when one of the members of the chat is typing.It didn't sink in right away bec. I was busy typing.Then I realized that only the names of the people who are chatting appears on the frame ,and how can Ruben join the chat when he is already dead.Kinilabutan ako and I toldLuz , rightaway.She told me that maybe he wanted to send a message to his batchmates.Sabi ko naman kay luz,baka magso sorry dahil hindi siya makaka attend ng reunion.So,tuloy ang chat namin ni Luz at sinabi pa namin na kailangang ipagpamisa dahil siguro humihingi ng dasal.Tapos sabi ko ,sana sabihin sa atin kung ano ang itsura ng heaven.Pagkasabi ko nuon bigla na namang lumabas ang pangalan niya duon naman sa upper left hand corner at pinatungan ang pangalan ni Luz.Nagblink uli.Talagang natakot na ako dahil baka nasa tabi ko at nababasa ang tina type ko.Ikinuwento ko rin kay Jo,tapos bigla siyang na cut off kaya inulit ko uli.After na ipagdasal niya at sinabi na ipagpapamisa niya,tapos sabi ko eenroll ko sa mga missionary,hindi na uli nag appear.Baka naman gusto niya bigyan natin ng moral support ang family niya,ene mail ko na si Pilar para tawagan ang wife niya to see how they are doing,dahil sila ang laging nagkakausap.Other than that and the prayers ,I don't know what message he wants to send.Maybe after I said about how heaven looks like,when his name appeared again,that's the answer,. that he is already in heaven.

Thanks for reading .I hope hindi ko kayo tinakot.


Emma Magpoc said...

Nelia,just read your blog tonight and I am still trying to analize the situation.When the news about his death circulated among our batchmates here,I was surprised to find out na marami pala ang di ma recall kung sino siya.I have to text Boy Evangelista for example that he was the guy who lived in Sn.Vicente next to the municipal hall,the quiet type and fondly call Ruben Pusod.Since he was enlisted in the US Navy and got married to a teacher from Bulacan very seldom na siya umuwi dito not even when his parents died.According to his hipag,umuwi man siya dito lately ay di siya nagtatagal at umaalis agad.But they know that he really intends to come home for the reunion.You are right,he needs our prayer .
Again my heartfelt condolence for Malaya and the kids .Dont know if she still remember me as a classmate at the PNC in one of our MA class.Di ko alam kung paano ko ito mapaparating sa kanya.Lucing is also extending the same message to her as she is a kumare and a close friend to her.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, Kinalibutan naman ako sa story mo. I think Ruben is really very sorry for he cannot attend our reunion of the decade. I never seen him since our graduation day except in the picture that he sent me through e-mail which I asked Ms.orionjri to publish. At least we have momory of him in the picture even though he will not with us. Let us keep on including him in our daily prayers that he will be happy in heaven with our Lord God. May he rest in peace.

Nakausap ko si Yay at ang kanyang anak at sinabi ko ang ating pakikiramay sa pagkawala ni Ruben. I also gave our blogsite so they can read all the posting on behalf of Ruben. Nagpapasalamat sila sa ating pakikiramay sa kanilang pamilya.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Emma, i just talked to Yay over the phone and I gave our blogsite so she and her children can read all our posting especially with regards to Ruben including the comments. I will keep on calling her and I will ask her if she still remember you. I will keep you update.

I still remember how Ruben looked like when we were in highschool. He is tall and he is always with Eslao and Alfredo Gabriel.

Kaya nga dapat tuwing may reunion nagkikita tayo para hindi nagkakalimutan.

Last Sunday Ruben Baluyot called me and we were talking about Ruben Gomez. I told Ruben Baluyot that I don't think Ruben Gomez will not be attending our reunion as he is no longer answering my e-mail. Kaya pala may malaking dahilan. Any way let us include him in our daily prayers.