Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sarah Brightman

Thank you for posting this You Tube by Sarah Brightman.I love it.


orionjri said...

Hi Nelia,
thrilled to know that the You Tube page is now being opened. I wonder how many others actually open it.

I am working on featuring video segments of our last reunion so keep your fingers crossed that it will not take me forever to work it out.

Let me know if you want something featured on the video page and I will search You Tube for it.

neliaamparo said...

I'LL be waiting for those video segments,but take your time.Use your judgement on which ones you want to feature,almost everything is nice.Thank you so much for the hard work.Well appreciated.

ErnestoDR said...

Just letting you know, I've been opening those videos, and I love it, especially the songs. The "Biyahe Tayo" clips were cut at the time during my short stint at the Dept. of Tourism in Toronto. I have a copy of the very first disc without Regine. But all discs are good at promoting our Inang Bayan.