Friday, November 9, 2007

Pagbati at Paumanhin

Happy, happy birthday, to our November-born classmates: Tia Annie, Rollie, Belen, Alfredo, Anselmo, Licerio and Frank!

My apologies and belated birthday greetings to the others, whose birthday I missed during the weeks, months of my "hibernation." HULI MAN DAW AT MAGALING, NAIHAHABOL PA RIN. (actually, HULI PA RIN).

Contrary to reports, I am still alive and kicking. The reasons for my absence are too numerous to post here. I am so sorry, for causing concern to some of you. Special thanks to our very thoughtful President-for-life MIKE, for taking time out and spending precious minutes of overseas call, just to find out, kung bakit napakatahimik ko.

I should have published this piece in the blogger's comment, but, OMG, I cannot recall my password! I realize now, that, indeed, I was really "away for so long." Imagine, nalimutan ko na ang password ko! Will somebody come to my rescue, please?

If this vintage pc does not act up again, I'll try to post some articles/comments every now and then. PROMISE!


lucille said...

Welcome back to the blogsite,Jo,we missed you! I was worried too because you did not reply to my emails then but since you are back the blogsite will be more active.

Happy blogging!

Ed Benjamin said...

Hi Jo:
Welcome back! Annie and I were wondering where have you been lately. I was speculating you're out on road trips with your amigas. At any rate, we're glad to hear from you and as always, looking forward to your future articles. A little isolation leads to inspiration, right? So, let's keep on blogging, and keep those (e-mail) funny stuffs rolling.

All the best,


neliaamparo said...

Welcome back,Jo,I knew you're ok bec.i've been getting emails from you.I just thought that maybe thre's something wrong with your computer or you might be too busy running around. It's nice to hear from you again.We surely missed your blogs.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Jo, Salamat naman at lumabas ka na sa lungga mo. I keep on sending you e-mail but no response at all. From now on hope to hear from you so often. We miss your articles at ang kakuwelahan mo. Regards and take care. God Bless.

Mike said...

Thanks Jo for your immediate response in posting this article. It means that you're still there at kumukuha lang ng tiempo para sa pagpopost ng mga article at pagbibigay ng mga comments. Wala kang dapat ipagpasalamt sa pagtawag ko sa iyo, iyon ay sadyang tungkulin ko lamang kasi talagang marami ang nag-aalala sa iyo tulad nang nasabi ko noong tayo'y nag-uusap sa telopono.

"Asahan mong sa habang panahon, alaala ka namin saan ka man naroroon".