Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I must confess that the primary reason for my absence in our blog is the deep feeling of frustration/depression that haunted me for so many weeks. I felt so inadequate and very helpless that nothing came out of our effort to give some color to NORBERTO'S life. I never mentioned this to President-for-life Mike during our last phone conversation, nor did I write about it in my last blog and in my recent email to Pilar and Azon.

I am writing this on impulse. Got the feeling that I have to get it out of my chest somehow. WISH KO LANG didn't even acknowledge my lengthy letter about NORBERTO. I understand that only a few will merit their help. That they have to choose the most needy from all the letter-senders. It was a long wait. I waited patiently and watched every episode on tv, hoping against hope that NORBERTO'S plight would be next. But it never came.

I am at a loss on what to do next for him. What do you think?


Ed Benjamin said...

Please don’t take the” wish ko ‘lang”, too personal, Josie. While your relentless drive on behalf of Norberto’s case didn’t materialize, please take comfort in knowing the rest of your batch mates stood by your side and were willing to provide whatever charitable actions were required. That giant step you took on Norberto’s plight was far above and beyond any friend or relative could have asked for. In due time, may you find solace with yourself, recognize that not every wish can come true, and that something great came out of that effort, too. Please do not take that as a “personal defeat”, but a slight set back, a disappointment. But such is life, Josie. You are a genuine caring human being. Your heart is truly in the right place. Please take care of it, so that you can move forward to quench that insatiable thirst for loving and caring for others. We your friends, and batch mates are here to provide support in some way or form should you need them now or in the future. When this is all said and done, I’ll leave you with what Cora said, ” you can not be faulted for trying your best.” May God bless you and hope that your disappointment with this plight only made you a stronger person, and in peace with yourself.

With prayerful thoughts,


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Josie, thanks for caring for your batchmates especially to Norberto. You must not be disappointed because your wish was not granted. As I told you before for every petition that we asked from our Lord God that was not answered there is a good reason. God knows what is best for Norberto. I miss you.

ErnestoDR said...

What lofty principle a person can render to another, but the great compassion of sharing his pain and suffering!
Yours is a genuine care for a batchmate, and everyone acknowledges that. You wish to do more. It started with a feeling, an idea of help, a hope for a better life for Norberto, and an honest effort to make that wish come true.
You have done the best you can, and the answer seems long coming. Sometimes you wonder if it is indeed coming.
In a situation like this, frustration seeps in, and we begin to question if we have done enough, if we have exhausted our efforts enough, and to a certain degree even question God's sense of fairness, or if He really is listening and answering our prayers.
Dear sister, don't despair! You have done your part, you did what you deemed is best, God will do the rest. He knows what is best for Norberto. You can only do so much, and we will continue to support you. But don't take upon yourself the burden because you burn out.
We will always pray for Norberto!
And for you to keep the fire in your heart burning!

Mike said...

Jo, you have nothing to confess because you have done nothing wrong. The truth is that I admire and proud of you very much, that you belong to Orion Batch 1963 with a genuine heart who always cares and ready to help the needy especially Norberto who is also our batchmate. Like what Ed said don't take it seriously if Norberto's case did not materialize. God has reason for that matter and perhaps for those who were chosen by "Wish Ko Lang", they needed more than Norberto. Nadadala nga rin ako if I watch that program on TV, they were really very poor and have many children and "Wish Ko Lang" gave them pangkabuhayan showcase and scholarship to their other kids. Like what I have said before Orion Batch 1963 is like a big family and if one of the member is hurt we also hurt.

Keep on moving Jo, remember we're always at your side for your desire in helping the needy. God bless you.