Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Since you (Ernie, Mike and Pilar) insist, here is Ms orionjri as she would likely look in the 2013 Golden Reunion. Any further request?


orionjri said...

Dear friends, for your sake these images will only be here to annoy your for a token amount of time. Any longer and we run the risk of the blog shutting down permanently for shock overload.

CHEERS,everyone! A laugh a day keeps the blues away.

BTW, orionjri is the blog administrator and is at present made up of TWO 63batchers who are hopelessly crazy about you all.

lucille said...

Hi Ms.orionjri,

I am also insisting, post your pretty pic,ms orionjri.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. orionjri, no matter what you say we batch '63 do not believe and you will never convince us that you will look like these two photos in 2013. I will keep on saying that you are beautiful and will still be beautiful as you will be older and older and older. As I told you you are more beautiful now than we are in highschool.

Mike said...

That's impossible Miss orionjri,
Luz is right that the pictures of the old women you published seems to be 100 years old. It's also like
that,the pictures of the Japanese
twins(old women) who celebrated
their centenial birthday which was published in the Japanese newspaper when I was there. At present Miss orionjri you look like only in the forties so by 2013 which is only six years away from now, you will still look like in the forties, okey ba ang computation ko mga amigas?(ha! ha! ha!). Nawala tuloy ang pagod ko sa katatawa ng mabuksan ko ang blog natin and I saw the pictures of Aling Tikla and Aling Akang.(he! he! he!).Okey I think I can still sleep for one hour before I go to my other job which is from 3:00pm to 11:00pm.

neliaamparo said...

well,it sure took my blues away.while i was watching these pictures my friend at work came to me and asked if i was crying or laughing,she was in the other room and she could hear me from,i showed her the reason i was laughing and she laughed with me.that was cool.anyway,they were right ,it's impossible for you to look like that in 2013 or in 2050.

orionjri said...

Good on you, Nelia. It's nice to know you share my terrible sense of humour. As they say, "Laughter is the best medicine." It is also the best pick-me-up from the blues (as you may have found), and an excellent way to firm up facial muscles. Beats Prosac or botox anytime.

I truly believe these ladies can teach us good lessons on how to stay positive and happy no matter how old one is, teeth or no teeth!

By the time we ladies get to their age, most of our batchmen would be too sight-and-hearing-impaired to care how we look anyway. So, these women are truly happy because they no longer need to worry about their looks. They are just happy to still be around.

ErnestoDR said...

Nice try, Miss Orion JRI.
You just have to put up with us. What is a simple request, huh, Pareng Mike?
I am pretty sure our other batchmates are lurking around. If they have something to say and they don't let off, let them keep it to themselves. We will prick their lazy butts! OK?