Sunday, August 5, 2007

Batch 63 Personalities for August 2007


josie javier-macalua said...

VIOLET FELICIANO-CORDERO: she of the ageless beauty. a beauty then, still a beauty now. what's your beauty secret, violet?

LICERIO EVANGELISTA: one of the 'small but terrible' guys of the sixties. 3 B's - Bright, Best Behaved. fits this old saying to a T " SILENT WATERS RUN DEEP."

Beauty and Brains of JRIBatch1963!(Clap)

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. orionjri thanks for posting these two personalities. Josie is right, one is beauty and one is smart. You keep on posting pictures but never yours, our batchpersonality, with brain and beauty. Saludo pa rin ako sa iyo. Maganda ka noon pero mas higit kang gumanda ngayon sa panignin ko at alam ko ganoon din sa paningin ng batchmates natin. Batchmates, do you agree.

josie javier-macalua said...

AGREE! agree! AGREE! agree! AGREE! agree! AGREE! agree!
AGREE! agree! AGREE! agree!
AGREE! agree! AGREE! agree!

lucille said...

Yes, 100% akong agree.Now, Ms.orionjri exudes beauty with serenity and contentment.Am sure it is because of a happy family life and fulfilled career.And when she sings,Boy,malilimutan mo ang pangalan mo!!
Indeed the Beauty and the Brains of Batch '63 !

neliaamparo said...

I agree to all the comments.

orionjri said...

There she is - Violeta -, a TRULY GREAT BEAUTY, then and now. On this we can ALL agree. Pity we have no photo on file of the young and angelic Licerio. That's the rich tapestry of our batch, for which we can all be thankful. We are endeavouring to feature the less cyberspace visible yet just as vitally important batchmates first and hope to present all of those who attended the 2007 reunion until we all meet again in 2010. We should all be able to recognise everybody at the reunion of the century. No more excuses for the "Who are you?"

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. Orion JRI will you please publish those photos two at a time of those who attended the 2007 reunion. I am afraid I cannot recognize again some batchmates in 2010 especially the guys. Thanks and take care.

orionjri said...

Larps, two batch personalities are being featured monthly (since June).

Mike said...
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orionjri said...

That's forward looking, Mr President. You are right, 2010 is going to be the reunion of the decade but 2013 is our GOLDEN REUNION! We should present an award for the fanciest walking stick by then. And a life achievement award for ALL the attendees for promoting, nourishing and sustaining our wonderfully unique batch friendship.

ErnestoDR said...

2010 seems somewhat too near that everybody kept referring to the reunion of the decade and another which is the golden reunion of 2013. I could sense the enthusiastic anticipation from all, and I can only guess that we can't have enough time to be together, and can't wait till we get the time!
Gazing at the beauty that is Violy and the brains that is Boy, I am certain we can still muster enough strength to come together.
How about a snapshot of the beauty and the brains that is Miss Orion JRI?

neliaamparo said...

dear larps,i thought you can't get over our reunion? how come you're already forgetting some of the faces of our classmates?eh,wala pa namang one year ang nakakaraan.i know what i'm gonna do in 2010.maglalagay ako ng karatula to make sure makikilala mo ako.He,He,He.with regards to violet,maluluma sina amalia fuentes at susan roces sa kuha niya nuong bata pa siya.duon naman kay licerio,if you can enlarge his picture from our highschool graduation,then we will see how he looked like when he was a little younger,i don't want to say he's old now.

Mike said...

Hi Violet and Boy napakarami yata ng mga tagahanga ninyo, kasi kahit saang angulo tingnan talagang lumilitaw ang likas na kagandahan ni Violet at katalinuhan ni Boy.
Baka naman puede na kayong mag-pledge ng tig-isang litson para
madagdagan yong pledge ni Kumaring
Nelia, for the reunion of the decade on the third week of january
2010(ha! ha! ha!) kung makakalusot
lang naman. Sa ating Golden Reunion
on 2013 kung may buhay at sasapit
eh kami naman nila Pareng Ernie DR,
Pareng Mok at si Utol Ernie S ang
sasagot ng tig-iisang litson,okey ba kayo mga amigos?(he!he!he!).
Thank you nga pala Miss Orionjri
at sana naman eh pagbigyan mo na sila sa kanilang mga pakiusap sa
iyo. O ayan mga amigas at amigos
baka pumayag na si Miss Orionjri.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Mr. President, kahit na siguro lumuhod ka kay Ms. OrionJRI she will not be convinced to post her photos. I sent her that picture of Violet same with her photos given to me when we were still in high school but still she is not posting any photos of her. Once I learned how to post picture I will be doing so. Anyway even without her photos in the blog we all know she is the "Miss Beautiful" of batch'63 as we all have seen her in our last May grand reunion.