Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hi to Class/Batchmates up there and down under,

I was amused by the different write ups youve got here in our blog.It is a stormy and rainy day today but your thoughts and ideas on the different subjects and issues really brighten and make up my day. Let me join you in tackling the various concerns ok?
First of all,Happy Birthday to all the August celebrators....May the peace of our Lord be with you throughout your life.

On the subject of growing old,..yes I do agree with you pareng Mike ,kalabaw lang tumatanda pero ang puso at damdamin ng tao dapat laging bumabata...Mabuti na raw ang tumandang may pinagkatandaan kaysa sa batang parang walang pinagaralan..So let us grow old and beautiful in the eyes of the Lord after all ...Wrinkles lang yan...cream lang ang katapat niyan.Gray hair lang yan....laging may hair dye sa botika ,iba-iba pa ang kulay...Forgetfullness lang yan ..normal biological process, ang mahirap kalimutan agad tayo ng ating kapwa at ni Lord.

Re-kumare and kumpare..We teachers used to make our class learn the meaning of words by analyzing it through affixes and rootwords. The prefix CO means with or together with while the rootwords mare or pare means mother/father. These affixes and rootwords being used in the modern languages such as English and Spanish are derived from the ancient Latin Greek and Hebrew languages. In the country,being sponsors or witnessess to religious ceremonies like baptism and wedding makes you a kumare or kumpare of the parents and the ninong/ninang of the child or the bride and groom. In this Christian nation specifically the catholics being kumare and kumpare means you are with or together with the parents in seeing the child grows as a good christian and the married couple to start and lead a christian family.

Re-Bansag..I have come to realize that bansag is being given to people during our time because children were given the same name and so the need for their identity. Look San Vicente alone we have Boy Kornel, Boy Bisaya, Boy Alang -then, Fredong palaka, Fredong OIC, Fred darapa, Fred sigabo,- Belen ago, Belen mario-Babyng palaka Babyng amado-Remyng aida, Remyng putol-Mariang ado, Mariang telebok. Others are C armen dikit, Erning sanidad, Bertang bingi , Emman patko, Dr Baba, Charing hilot, Inggong tsapong Inggong ilokano, Max llamado , boy bato and of course my mother was known in the town as Chayong baka di ba?

Ngayon ko lang naintindihan kung bakit lately parents are giving their children unusual names such as Jed, Jares Xerxes Zhasmin etc. .para siguro maiwasan ang mabigyan ng bansag. Warning therefore ,if you go to San Vicente siguraduhin ninyong si emmang fred ang hinahanap ninyo at hindi si emmang ado o emmang guding .

Well,this is to inform you that Fely R. Julie and yours truly are now on our leave as a prelude to our retirement few months from now..See you all in 2010


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Hi, Emma I would like to thank you for your very nice and enjoyable to read response to some of the write ups in our blog. You are really one of the good contributors that will keep our blog going on as our adminstrator is requesting. In the morning the first thing I do is to open my e-mail to see if there are e-mails from my batchmates and then open and read write ups in our blog. It is really enjoyable to read those write ups. I feel I am talking personally to those contributors. As I started reading your write up I already guess that it was you. Ang dami mo rin pa lang kilala na may bansag diyan sa San Vicente. I am happy for you, Fely and Julie for your retirement. Now you three will have more time to face your computer as you will no longer preparing lesson plan for the next day. Regards to our batchmates. Miss you all.

lucille said...

We must be thankful that Emma is now enjoying her sessions with her PC.Everyday she is discovering the wonders it provides.One time we were able to chat and you know what she said," naku, ngayong alam ko na makipagchat,be ready".So, batchmates,expect more write ups from her and kumare,continue to explore and you will really get addicted to your PC.Baka nga your PC will be your "other love",just like Josie.

neliaamparo said...

dear emma, what a nice writeup.marami ka pa palang alam na bansag.the more i will enjoy reading the blog since you have more time now.congrats to you,julie and fely on your retirement.

Ed Benjamin said...

Another fine article, Emms. I'm glad you're getting into this blog. Please keep it coming.
Wish you all three great educators the best in your upcoming retirement. Good luck, Emma, Fely and Julie!!!