Saturday, August 11, 2007


This piece is from Bethea Jenner.The idea of preparing a life list is for us to be able to "live life to the fullest"

A life list is a list of all the things you would like to do before you die.It is a great tool for helping you get more out of each day and adding zest to your life.This could range from the very simple to the very ambitious but which personally appeal to you.

Put your list in writing so you can monitor what you have accomplished.Categorize your list from simple and easily achievable to more complex ones that may take more time.The list may also include ambitious goals like, "becoming a full time entrepreneur", silly or crazy ones like "dancing in the rain,"fun ones like "going on a road trip," self improvement like "getting organized or losing weight".It could be learning a new skill or doing good.Make your goals specific too,instead of writing "to be calmer",write counting 1-10 and breathing deeply whenever you are about to lose temper.Remember to list doable goals;be realistic .To say,"walk on the moon" isn't realistic,unless you are a multi-millionaire and can buy a space trip,or you become an austronaut in training.Be flexible too,you may change your goal or can add more to the list whenever you want.

I already got a life list and from it many had been accomplished at this point, like riding the Gondola in Venice,experiencing how it feels to be up in the mountains filled with snow and seeing ruins left by wars.I hope one crazy goal I still need to pursue is riding in a hot air ballon.

So batchmates,get a life list now or update yours and see how many percent have been achieved!


neliaamparo said...

Forgive me Luz,but i don't want to die yet,so i'm not gonna write anything here.

lucille said...

Yes Nelia,we do have our fears abt death,but remember,people don't leave forever but everyone leaves their mark,which last eternally on those they have touched.Just live your life to the fullest and continue to be the best person you are.

neliaamparo said...

dear luz, i was just kidding,even if i die today i'm not scared and i have made a lot of marks already,but most of all i have no regrets.i live my life to the fullest every minute of my thing i don't do is make plans for the future.God has already plans for me.