Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bunch of Thanks to Pilar


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Cora, you are welcome. I am in the process of sending you e-mail to verify if you got it or not as I am worried I had no e-mails from you regarding that DVD but I decided to open first our blog. We really have a mental telephaty. As I watch it I really feel joy and keep on laughing because of Nelia. Hope in 2010 mas masaya ang celebration natin. Miss you. Take care.

lucille said...

Pilar ,

Could you provide a copy of that DVD for us here in the Philippines?I wanted to share the joy and excitement of reliving the moments of our reunion.You know ,still pics may not be enough,an action filled video will complete the happiness.
I know ,the next one will be more exciting!!Yiu started it all and we are thankful for all of you guys!Take care!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, Rollie has a copy of the DVD. (Crown Royal and Dela Fuente Farm) You may gather all and watch at the same time para mas masaya. We are planning to have a mini reunion in San Diego in May. Hope you and all those batachmates with Visa can join us. Regards to our batchmates. Miss you all.