Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prepare to Be Bored - "In My Corner" by Nelia

  • At school, I'm always waiting for recess.

  • My earliest memory is how close we were as a family.with my grandparents still alive and nobody had gone to college. That was my fondest memory, esp.X'MAS time. Everybody wears new clothes, going to our relatives, ninong and ninangs. Afterwards comparing who got the most money.The day before christmas i loved to stay late with my grandparents making suman,halya an d dinuguan. I have so many happy memories of my childhood but i can't tell everything bec. it would be too long but there's just one thing i want you to know. I was good in climbing trees. Sometimes i sleep on top of the starapple, bec. i like the breeze up there.

  • When i was a child,i wanted to be a successful business woman.

    If i wasn't me i'd like to be Barbara Streisand so i can sing my favorite song "Evergeen" without difficulty.

    My worst habit is putting things off.

    I'm my best at drawing and cooking.

    The best lesson my parents taught me isto be humble.habang ang palay daw ay nagkakalaman eto ay yumuyuko.

    Five famous people i would like to have met: Barbara Streisand,John F. Kennedy, Mozart,Beethoven and Michael Angelo.

    I don't like talking about failure.

    My happiest moment was when i passed the board exam. in Med.Tech.(it was very hard).

    My secret skill that is no longer a secret

    My friends say i am trustworthy and dependable.
  • I'm very bad in doing the budget bec. if i see something that i like i really buy it,if i can afford it.
    My biggest regret was that i stopped learning the piano bec. i had no time.

    The hardest thing that i have ever done was to accept the death of my loved ones.

    My greatest fear is being attacked by a dog esp. a pitbull.

    I Often wonder if i'll be able to travel and explore the most beautiful and exotic places in the world. i'd like to learn the diff. cultures and try diff .kinds of food. Luz brought you to the belly dancers in Lebanon,i'd like to take you to most cherished dream is to be in an island surrounded by all kinds of exotic plants esp. orchids and exotic birds,and a lot of butterflies.My house is by a stream with a waterfall so that in the afternoon,i can relax in the porch while listening to Mozart and Beethoven.Now are you ready to fall asleep?


orionjri said...

Thanks again, Nelia, for sharing a bit more of yourself with us. Your generosity of spirit is really heartwarming. May all your wishes come true. Just remember us when you get to your dream island.

ErnestoDR said...

Nelia, you are such a very trusting and generous lady! Your earlier posting of your life story and these revelations are just awesome.
Such honor, such privilege to belong to your kind! The world would wish more of persons like you.

neliaamparo said...

I was awed by your comments,thank you.I'm also happy to be a part of our wonderful class.Don't worry,if ever my dream comes true,you will also be a part.that's the reason why i picked an island,so we'll all fit in there.and it will be exclusive for JRI batch 1963.How about that.