Saturday, August 4, 2007

Be Ten Years Younger

Ms.Cory Quirino,an ever youthful lady shares her secret of staying young, in her column,INSIDE OUT for the Philippine Daily Inquirer.Here are some pointers :

1. Detoxify the body--Make a list of all the things you still do which you know are not good for you,like smoking,sleeping late most of the time,downing too many medication,bingeing on sweets or salty foods.Start cutting on these bad habits or break the habit today.replace cravings with fruits and vegetables,herbal teas,nuts and grains.

2. Unload the mind---Stop worrying,a mind constantly bombarded with problems,fears,anxities will always weigh down your own body.

3. Try to relax-----Adopting a more positive attitude will instantly signal your body to be in a state of ease.enroll in meditation classes or do mind -body exercises like Taichi.

4. Learn proper breathing,don't hold your breath,catch it.Breathe in,breathe out,in slow counts of 5.Keep practicing until it feels so natural for you.Now SMILE and keep smiling throughout the day.

5.Pamper yourself----We deserve this,after our stressful life of working and taking care of our families.Enjoy life,stay healthy,and continue loving!!



C C ramirez said...

Tough call, Luz, but will try.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

No matter what we do, we cannot control having wrinkles and look old. We are created to be young and then be old. We have to accept it. Just stay happy and be thankful that we are healthy. This is life.