Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Special Blogger

Juanito has given us a a wonderful trip back in time to when everything was relatively simple yet absolute fun. The things that we took for granted are now precious memories. For reminding us of them, we thank him most profoundly.

Juanito is married to Jean and they have three children with names all starting with J. He has not indicated how many (if any) grandchildren he has. He may be able to advise our batchmates who are interested in having internet connection.

We are looking forward to reading more posts from him.


Ed Benjamin said...

Here's to Johnny! Again, thanks for a great article, I even archived it for future reading. Hope to hear more from you, Johnny...

Juanito said...

Thank you for the special honor. :) Just wanted to bring back old memories for the batch to rekindle . . . :)