Thursday, September 10, 2009

We did a gig at Crown Royale but the crowd kept on requesting pang bagets songs. Guess I'm really old for this type of gigs, unless my audience are oldies like me. Anyway, I enjoyed it. Hello to all.


ErnestoDR said...

Hey Rollie,

You seem to be as young as ever. bagets pa rin naman ang dating kaya oks lang!

keep the music playing and keep us posted please!

Maybe you can have your band play for us during the reunion!

neliaamparo said...

Ernie is right,maybe your band can play during our reunion.You don't have to worry bec.we will not reuest bagets songs,we prefer the oldies.
Thanks for taking P2 with you,sumakit ang tiyan ko sa katatawa.Tell him I said hi.

Take care.

lucille said...


Drummer na drummer ang dating mo.shall I call you Ringo Starr now?