Monday, September 14, 2009


The past week has been a time of great distress for our family and the thought that those we used to look up to ( Inang, Tata, Tiya, Ingkong) are no longer around even just be able to feel their comforting presence and courage made it more so. We, the siblings all adult as we are still have that inner child that longing for 'someone' to tell us not to worry , it's ok , everything will be fine.
But God is so good , truly magnificent, wonderfully awesome! He has never left us throughout
the ordeal. Sometimes He works in mysterious ways that we humans can't fathom but it is always what He sees best and what we really need.
To those who have read the blog posted by Azon a few days ago re my sister Pricilla's open heart surgery , the mild stroke following which almost made recovery difficult , I know you were with us. Many responded and it was a great comfort. What can my family and I say, save ,A Big Big Thank You....Thank you ... and a lot more ...Prayers avail much and miracles do happen even today.
Sister Priscilla is on her road to complete recovery. She's out of the Intensive Care Unit sans the iv's, no blood clot, with great presence of mind etc.... A bit of theraphy here and there will take care of the bits and pieces that usually come with a major surgery like that.


neliaamparo said...

Dear Fely,
I'm so relieved to know that Priscilla is out of danger.How many times have we proven that God listens to our prayers,and yes miracles do happen.She is now on her way to recovery and everything will be just fine.We have to thank God again for another miracle that He had performed on your sister.More and more we come to realiaze that without Him we are so helpless.
I'm so glad that you have access now on the internet,now that we have learned how to use it,it's now so hard to live without it.Keep us posted.Call me if you can 'cause I don't know when you're available.

JoGJMac( said...


We are as thankful as you are for all the answered prayers for Priscilla's recovery.

We are family...

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Fely, God is really good all the time. He is always there for us especially at time of need. Let thank God for another miracle. Let just continue to give our trust and faith to the Lord.