Friday, September 11, 2009

arrived home safely

First of all,I would like to thank God for letting all these happen.For letting us take nanay home for her funeral without any problems and for our safe trip back home.we arrived yesterday afternoon from a very long and tiring trip,but I have enough strength to say a few words about my trip in the Phil.
My dear ones,mere words are not enough to express how grateful I am and my whole family for all the acts of love,all the prayers,emotional and financial support that you have given us during our most trying times. All these will never be forgotten,it will only add up to the things that are already engraved in my heart.
My trip to the Phil.was so sad but at the same time happy.Sad because we have to say goodbye to nanay but happy because of the pouring of love and support from all our families and friends especially you,my classmates.We were happy also because we were able to fulfll her most cherish wish to be burried with the rest of our loved ones.
I just want everybody who have gone to the wake to know that your presence helped me a great deal to go through this most difficult time.But I'm also thankful to those who were unable to be there but kept us in their hearts.
After the funeral we were able to go places because my 2 sister in laws and my 2 nephews have never in the places that we explored which even me and my 2 brothers have never been before.That's the reason why I got so dark.most of the places we went to were mostly beaches and it was so hot during those days.It only rained during the last night of the wake,during our meeting last Sept. 5 and more than a week before we left. In fact it was raining hard on our way to the airport.I thought we won't be able to make it on time ,plus the traffic was so bad.
Some of the places we visited are; Mt.Samat,Corrigedor,Morning Breeze Resort in Bagac where we saw the place where they made Zorro,Hundred Islands,Villa amanda,The Raven,The Aeta community,La Vista,Morong,A beach in Subic,the bat kingdom,duty free in Olongapo,Fort Santiago,SM in north edsa and the one in Clark.We also ate breakfast at the isdaan in Tarlac on our way to The Hundred Islands.We also went to Julie's nephew's mango plantation,close to the beach in Puting buhangin.One thing that was very challenging was when we slept overnight at the breakwater in Pulong bato amidst the big thunders and lightning.We we're gonna go fishing but unluckily did't catch any.So,my cousin just asked for some fish that some fishermen caught which we cooked on top of the giant rocks.We brought firewoods,rice and pots thinking that we will be able to catch some fish.It was 630 in the morning when we woke up and luckily it didn't rain.It was a very exciting experience.One of the boats almost went upside down,bec. it had no motor and my two cousins were screaming with their lungs out in the middle of the night.Some of the folks who were already asleep wokeup wondering what those crazy people were doing in the middle of the night in the ocean.
It will take me a while to write all my experiences on my recent trip but it is too long already.I'll try to send some of the thousands of pix that I took,don't worry i'll only send a few.I don't want you to get tired of my face,I'll save some for our reunion.
I was chatting with Ernie a while ago but I got disconnected,that's why I know Pilar and Lourdes are with him,what a nice mini reunion in Canada.
I'm already missing you guys back home,thank you for everything,all the pasalubong and most of all for making me happy.Take care everyone and I'll be seeing you,soon.

All my love,



ErnestoDR said...

Nice to hear you are back safe and sound.
Everyone in the batch shared your grief. We are sure your mother is now at peace in the company of the angels and saints.
Now is the time to move on!
Everything will just be a memory, and a good memory of the life of your Nanay!
Live in the legacy she left behind, that of a loving mother!

neliaamparo said...

Ernie,it was indeed a good memory,that of unconditional love,and the words that I said when I talked after the mass were exactly the words that you just said,live in the legacy she left behind.I said, she had no riches to live behind but she had one thing that will keep on going forever,her heart.
It was so strange that during the funeral I told my cousin not to play the 2 instrumental songs(The theme song from titanic and the beauty and the beast) bec I thought it would not be appropriate in a funeral.The rest of the songs were ok,but to my surprise,those were the only songs that were played during the funeral,they just kept on playing those 2 songs over and over.Then I realized the meaning of the songs.The theme song from titanic is My Heart will go on and the one from the Beauty and the Beast is about unconditional love.So I think nanay wanted those 2 songs to be played than the rest of the songs.I brought that CD with me to be played during the funeral.
I have so many stories to tell about the things that happened during nanay's passing,but I guess I have to wait until the reunion bec.there were so many.
Thanks again for sharing our grief and for everything.

Emma Magpoc said...

Hi Nelia.
IT's good to hear that you're back home safe and sound.I'm so happy to read from your blog that inspite of Nanay's demise you did enjoy your stay here.It's a regret that I was not able to send you the tapang kabayo I promised.To kasing weather na ito .Up to now the sun is not shining.But I'm sure you will have that tapang tigidig tigidig come January.How about that for your tapsilog Ernie?
Ok my friend move on, Nanay is in good hand.Fred ia sending his regards to everyone...

neliaamparo said...

OMG Emma,don't worry about the tigidig,you have done much more to me than that,and besides I have tasted it already when you brought some during our mini picnic.Even my siblings were able to try it and they liked it.That rain didn't stop up to the day we left,but that's ok bec.God gave us 3 weeks of sunshine when it was supposed to be raining especially on the day that nanay and the whole family arrived,it was already a blessing.
Say thank you to Fred for being so patient,taking us to places,I feel like he is one of our classmates.I'll tell everyone that he's sending his regards.Please tell the rest of the barkada that my whole family appreciates what you have done for us.Nag eenjoy din sila kung pumupunta kayo sa bahay lalo na pag naririnig ang malulutong na tawanan na may kahalo pang sayaw.
Tomorrow,I'm back to work,which I don't fell like doing.4 days pa akong nagpahinga after I arrived.One thing I would like you to know and please tell the rest,that my Mexican sister in law wanted to go back again,she didn't feel like coming back here bec. of the very beautiful experience that she had with everyone she met in our place.They just left a few min. ago after watching all the videos and the almost 2,000 pix that I took.She was telling me that she never thought the love and kindness that she saw and experienced could ever exist.She was so deeply moved by it.I was so afraid when we arrived that she wouldn't like it,but the opposite happened.Now,she is starting to save for her next trip and this time she wanted to take her 2 other kids.And she was talking to me about building a big house so that everybody can fit when we everybody go on vacation at the same time.
So sorry my friend,I got carried away,I almost forgot you just had your surgery,ayaw ko namang mabinat ka.So,in barely 4 months I'll be there again.
Take care and God bless.