Friday, September 11, 2009

A JRI 63 Reunion of Three

Niagara Falls is one great wonder of nature. Its grandeur and amazing beauty captivate millions of people from around the world every year. Each minute, 6 million gallons of water cascades down from its height of 173 meters and produces thundering sounds that makes one shiver from its power. The falls breaks down H2O into hydrogen and oxygen and offers pure air for the faint of lungs. The resulting atmosphere of fresh mist cools down the blistering summer sun. That would be enough to inspire awe from anyone who comes near this magnificient creation.

One of our batchmates among the many has been lured into this
fascinating site, that one daythis September 2009, she just unannouncedly barged into Toronto
and made her equally wondrous presence.

Of course, Lourdes and I were very willing hosts to this once bikini beauty, and we started a sort of reunion of three in this part of the world.

Together with my OAO Cecile, we drove our tourist around and gladly showed her the sights and the sounds of Niagara and Toronto. It was a non-stop story-
telling and the usual high school anecdotes were just hilarious.

Then there was the eating which has
become our Filipino tradition of entertaining our guests. How about China buffet?

I would like to impress on you batchmates that we feel just like members of a cherished JRI family. As Pilar said she felt like hugging every batchmate she meets after such a loooong time!

It was indeed a great opportunity to renew our friendships when we could pick up where we left off.

You may watch the other pictures in my multiply site.


neliaamparo said...

Niagara Falls is so beautiful.We almost went there when we had the training for an instrument in New York but we're unable to go bec. of bad weather.
I wish we could have joined you during that mini reunion.I've been wanting to go to Canada for a long time.

Emma Magpoc said...

Look at that...Kailan lang kasama ka namin dito Pilar ,now nariyan ka naman sa Canada and of all the people you're with one of the lost Jri batchers of 1963.Glad to see you again Lourdes.Hope to see you joining the fun come January.Be ready to tell the names and recognize everyone or else pipitikin nila ang tenga mo..he he.
So far,I am now okey and back to my usual activities after that operation.Sabi nga ni Jo mas masakit ang amba kaysa sa actual na pagkatay sa OR.I was up in a week time after nursing 4 small wounds which took away precious stones from me.Anyone who want to have them for your jewelries?
Well thanks for the concern and prayers for that Lap surgery.It helped a lot.

JoGJMac( said...

Naku, Larpi ka! Makukurot kita talaga! Sayang, sana nakasama mo ako diyan! I could have flown earlier! Hehe! (Kunwari lang!)

So paano. di na naman tayo magkikita kasi papunta na kami sa Texas next week. Tapos, balik-Pinas na uli after that.(kung di kami matuloy sa Florida).

See you na lang uli sa REUNION.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

First I would like to thank Ernie and Ludz for their hospitality when I visited Toronto. It was a great feeling seeing Ernie and Ludz and meeting some members of their family. I enjoyed my short visit to Canada.

Emma, Let us thank God for your successful surgery. As much as possible I really wants to visit our batchmates whereever they are habanng malakas pa ang tuhod ko. You guys are my second family.

Jo anong sinasabi mo. Did you just come back to U.S. to go to Texas then go back home. How long are you staying here U.S? Pasyal lang ba ang ginagawa ninyo? Iba na ang mayaman. I really expecting you in our reunion.

Ludz already had a ticket so for sure she will be with us. Humanda kayo. Kuwela si Ludz. Hindi kayo titigil ng katatawa. We always stay until 3 to 4 a.m. Hindi maputol and kuwentuhan.

See you all in January.