Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Behind the Smiles

Typhoon Ondoy made landfall in the eastern coast of the northern Philippines on Saturday, bringing rains that caused widespread flooding in many parts of Luzon, including Metro Manila which was hardly hit .
I know that a lot of people are still shocked by the events of the past days. Typhoon Ondoy has been the most destructive catastrophe that had hit the Philippines. Now is the time for all of us to unite and open our hearts to the cries of help from our "kababayans" As suggested by Josie, Batch '63 can make a difference by helping out the victims of the flood.

For the information of our batch mates Lagrimas and Julie's happy stance and smiles in the pictures I posted yesterday are cover-ups for the silent grieving they are experiencing because some of their close kins were affected by the wrath of Ondoy. The house of Julie's brother in Vista Verde, Cainta was submerged in flood waters and everything in the house were damaged . Lagrimas was worrying because her niece who resides in Cainta cannot be reached by phone for almost two days. Later they were informed that she is okay but everything in her rented house were also destroyed by flood waters.

Maybe our other batchmates have their own stories to tell about this recent happening...it is really heartbreaking to see our kababayan suffering but in the worst of time like this we see how resilient Filipinos are.

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neliaamparo said...

jo,maganda ang suggestion mo,paano ba natin uumpisahan ito.nakita ko kanina sa news ang mga relief efforts na ginagawa nila,mostly mga movie stars ang namamahagi,i'm sure na marami pang groups including the rotary,kaya pwede nating ibigay kay rolly ang donations natin at siya na ang bahala.i'm sure na mababasa ni pareng mike itong posting mo so baka magpost din siya.