Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fely Reyes' Younger Sister Is Very Ill

Fely's sister, Priscilla who resides in Orion, has just undergone a major openheart surgery. In the course of the surgery or perhaps prior to that, she suffered a stroke that left a blood clot in her brain.

The family who are with her at the moment are waiting for the neurosurgeon to check it out. While she is conscious and can somehow respond to some questions , there are worrying signs of some problems.

It has proved too distressing to some member of her family. I enjoin our family and friends to spare a thought for the family in their hour of great distress.


JoGJMac( said...

we are one in you in prayer for priscilla's recovery.

hope our prayers also give strength to you and your siblings.

we care.

mare and pare

lucille said...

I am offering my prayers for

Cila's early recovery. May

family be blessed with strength to

overcome this crisis.

ErnestoDR said...

Lourdes and Pilar are with me now here in Toronto reading this blog.

We are all in prayers for Priscilla's successful operation and recovery from this illness.

We also pray for members of her family that they be made strong in this time of difficulty. May God who is our creator restore her to the same normal health as before!

lucille said...

Oh that is great Ernie, Pilar and Lourdes ,another mini reunion of batch '63...have fun!

neliaamparo said...

fely,i'm so sorry to hear about your sister.i've been in your position so many times so i know how hard it is.i'll keep her and the whole family in my prayers.



Mike said...

We are offering our prayers for Priscilla's early recovery. That's the case of my wife when she had also an open heart surgery when her two valves in her heart were replaced last March 19, 2004. Like my wife we're praying she will be okey as time goes by.

Emma Magpoc said...

I sent a text message to Dave Fely's son who was with Cilla at the Heart center last Thursday...he texted back and a part of it says..
ok na po nakakarecover na po unti unti.ok naman po ang ct scan.wala ponakita blood clot.nagrespond na po sya.hirap pa movement so far ok po sya.....
Thanks God ..Dave will keep me updated daw.Fely relax ka lang diyan.Buti nga dumating si Rebecca your sister from Australia so nagkaroon ng reinforcement sila ..

felynr said...

Salamat muli mga kapatid.
Words wouldn't suffice to tell you how much your prayers and thoughts are appreciated even now and the years ahead... Having friends like you guys is a blessing unmeasured , a rarity nowadays.