Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where art thou???

Oh no, not my "Romeo" - I'm looking for the batch '63 BLOGGERS! To qoute 'Sisa' -" huhuhu, hahaha - nasaan na kayo, Crispin, Basilio? "

The next line is mine - Nasaan na kayo, CORAZON, ERNESTO, MIKE, EMMA, PILAR, NELIA, EDDIE/ANNIE, FELY, LUZ, ROLLY, etc. etc.? Please come to the rescue - naghihingalo ang ating blog!
Please publish your thoughts, news, comments, recipes, tips, pictures, whatever. Kahit ano, as long as we would have something new to look forward to whenever we log on to our blogspot.

The silence is deafening. In less than a year, we would be seeing each other again in our 'REUNION OF THE DECADE.' We should all work hard to have a better get together, than the one that we held on our 44th year. We have to surpass our attendance then of 63 warm bodies. This is a challenge to everyone in the batch. This early, let's visualize ourselves having so much fun on January 17, 18 & 19, 2010. Para talagang maging masaya ang ating muling pagkikita.

Meantime, let's see each other in the blog -

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