Friday, April 3, 2009

We Need This ASAP

Arlene Kushner reports

This is amazing and the implications for Israel, and the Western world are potentially huge:

An Israeli company called Innowattech has developed a technology that allows the “harvesting” of mechanical energy generated when vehicles drive along the street, or people walk on a sidewalk.

The vehicles or the people have to move across something called a Piezo Electric Generator system, which would be embedded in the sidewalk or street. Electric crystals in the system harness energy from the vibrations.

A stretch of road less than a mile long, four lanes wide, which is traveled by about 1,000 vehicles per hour, would create about enough energy to power 600 homes.

It is now being tested.

Israeli ingenuity

Wow! just think of how much energy the back to back, shoulder to shoulder pedestrians of Metromanila alone will generate. And there is no suburban area in the country that is not teeming with people at any time. The country will be able to generate power enough to turn the country into a very prosperous place on earth.

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ErnestoDR said...

This is a very interesting subject on alternative source of energy even as we face escalating oil prices if not dwindling reserves of the traditional petrol that propel the world economy.
This piezo-electric generation is one such ambitious program.
What struck me here is the wide range of application of the technology in our life. I know that this is being used in gas burners and lighters now.
In military intelligence and police matters, it is being used in easily concealed microphone for spying or whatever. It has also application in aviation, and aerospace.
This news provoked the science and math enthusiasm in me; such curiosity was aroused by Mr Simeon, Mr. Roxas, Mr. Bugarin, and Mr. Lonzon during our JRI days. Piezo-electric generation, in lay terms, is simply producing electricity from vibrations produced by moving vehicles or passing persons as stated in the news. The vibration causes tension-compression in a material where molecules are dispersed, and which result to voltage or electricty, and which could be stored in capacitors.
For this to be viable, we would need a lot of people or vehicles on the road. So, let's curb the population control in the Philippines. Have more babies!!! Hi..hi..hi..