Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sunday started with an Easter Sunday mass at St. Justin the Martyr church in our town. After a light breakfast, we started our trip to Pennsylvania. First stop was to greet our grandkids, their mom and dad a happy Easter. Mike Cruz’ residence was only 30 minute drive away. So after a quick hello, and a couple of pictures taken, we were off to see President Mike, Linda and the rest of the family in their great home in Hatfield, PA. The lunch provided by our great host was enormous and scrumptious. They were ready to feed a platoon of hungry soldiers. Too bad Manny Quicho and Larps have prior commitments; they certainly missed an experience in culinary art. Talking about stuffing yourself with heavy lunch, this was a super heavy luncheon! Please accept our compliments to the Chefs!
Luz will not be able to claim she visited the state of New Jersey, without a glimpse of the casino Mecca of the northeast. After our short chit-chats with Mike, we headed back to New Jersey for a quick glimpse of the famous boardwalk of Atlantic City. Annie showed Luz a few tricks in playing the slot machines. It seemed they were hitting it big on the 1 (penny) machine for a while. But that did not last but half an hour. Ladies, your contributions to the welfare of most senior citizens of New Jersey, were sincerely appreciated. Monday, April 13th, we said so long and good bye to Luz at Philadelphia International Airport. It was a fun-filled short weekend for all of us, but we’ve had a blast. See you in our next reunion, Luz. And thanks for the visit!

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