Thursday, February 26, 2009

Belated Birthday Greetings to Cora

Before it's too late Batch'63 extends this birthday greetings to Cora , our lovely blog administrator . Her birthday is February 1.


neliaamparo said...

Luz, what happened?Did you have one of those senior episodes like me?Anyway, we forgive you,kailangang bumawi tayo kay Cora.
Anyway,Cora,belated happy birthday although it's way way late.I'm glad Feb. is not over yet,almost.

lucille said...

No Nelia ,it is not a "senior moment"...I got the date of Cora's birthday too late.If you will go back to my post about the February born batch mates Cora has no birth date.
Okay ,see you soon!

orionjri said...

EEKKK! Been busted. A million "kurots" to the "exposer". Hope you put on 10 kilos.

Dramatics aside, big thanks, Luz. The card image is quite fetching. How true it is: the head forgets. At our age this is one mental wrinkle we can do without but sadly cannot. Happy and safe journey to the USA.

Emma Magpoc said...

Di ba last year pa ako nagre react that you are not including Cora in the iist of the February celebrants? I should know being an aquarius too the trouble is I am not sure of the date.Anyway...... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO CORA ..

JoGJMac( said...

i know who 'squealed' the info on your birthdate, but i wouldn't tell. HINT! HINT!she would be sexier with the additional 10 kilos. kasi, she's tall and still very slim now. hehehe.

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY FRIEND! truly your birth is a cause for celebration. YOU'RE A VERY SPECIAL GIRL!(which is an understatement).

love you, azon!