Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures with some Batchmates

I had a chance to meet some of our batchmates during my vacation to the Philippines. You will see pictures with Luz Saul, Belen, Luz Quicho, Emma, Julie, Rosa, Ofelia, Zenaida, Ramon, Roly, Perlita and Mercedes. Two pictures were taken in Belen's place, one in front of our house and others were taken in Bagac Resort and in a Restaurant in Balanga when we went out to look for a place where we are going to hold our next reunion in 2010.


orionjri said...

Lovely ladies, lovely settings,one charming guy and a fabulous micro-reunion. Must have been a fantastic time! Can't help wondering though about the dearth/scarcity of charming guys around. Where are the heartbreakers of Batch 1963?

neliaamparo said...

Larpi,welcome back,I'm glad you had a good time,sayang hindi tayo nagabot diyan.Maganda ang pinuntahan ninyo at ang gaganda ng mga kuha ninyo.I wish you could come over when Luz gets here.I will go to Oxnard so we can have a little get together,before Jo and Pete goes back to the Phil.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, I understand that Jo and Pete will be leaving on March 18. I am planning to go to LA on March 21 to 23 just to meet my cousin from Sydney. I am sorry that I cannot see Jo. Lagi kaming lisya ng araw. When she visited Annie I was in the Philippines and now when I will be coming to LA nakaalis na siya. I know someday magkakaabot din kami. I really enjoy the company of some of our batchmates. Cora, the guys are reserving their charm for our next reunion in 2010. Regards and take care.

JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

Larpi! ipakita mo naman sa akin ang kaseksihan mo! Aba, seksing-seksi ka ha?

Sana nga agahan mo na lang ang pagpunta rito sa LA. May kasabihan: PAG GUSTO- MAY PARAAN, PAG AYAW -MAY DAHILAN.

btw, Nel, anong date nga pala ang mini-reunion natin dito sa Oxnard? hehehe. senior moment na naman.