Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't lose hope

It's been a while since I have contributed to our blog.It's just that there's so many things going on.Last Sunday the Vietnamese priest in our parish shared with us his story.Because there are so many who lose hope and their faith in God whenever their lives have been shattered by some kind of misfortunes.It's so easy for them to blame God ,which is the cause of so many,leaving the church. He is one of the boat people who came to the US after the Vietnam war.About 31 people got into a small boat,about 4 feet in diameter with very little food and water and crossed the Pacific with the hope of escaping the govt.The first few days of their journey was fine but in the middle,they got caught in a very bad storm.It was so bad that he prayed to God as he has never prayed before.He told God that he is still too young to die and he could not accept the fact that everybody in that boat can possibly die.But the more he prayed the more the storm got worse.When he finally realized that it's impossible for them to survive,it was then that he surrendered to God and left everything to Him.Wether the storm stops or not it's now all up to Him.Then ,as if some kind of miracle happened,the storm stopped and now he is one of the priests in our church.

Once again,I'd like to remind us about our faith,no matter how small, even as small as a mustard seed,can move mountains.

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