Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Northeast pounded by late-winter snowstorm"

Greetings from the Garden State. Whoever claimed that winter is almost over, has another news coming. As you may or may not heard, mother nature once again proved that here in the East Coast, March is still part of winter. And boy, oh! boy, she has a lot punch proven this day. We are doing fine thanks God, hope our neighbors down in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Cruz's family in Hatfield, Pennsylvania fared okay, too. We have pretty close to 12 inches of snow accumulation in our neck of the woods, when this day is done.Our neighbors and friends in Canada, probably were smiling at us, for such a drop in a bucket accumulation. But considering we've been cruisin' through the winter without any major snowstorm, today was an exceptional day of our "fair" share of the whole deal. That's all folks! Let 's hear a bit of news from all great readers, please. Take care, everyone!


orionjri said...

Hope you are all safe.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could send some over to our parched, sweltering patch of the earth?

Take care.

JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

thank GOD that you and tia annie are okay, albeit the freezing temperature in your 'neck of the woods'.

when pete and i visited you, , we brought the sunshine as per your request, but we must confess, we missed the falling snow, the snowflakes,(for photo ops).

you have such a wide area around your house, it would have been so exciting to ski there! but with only you and 'the only love of your life' i wonder how long it would take you to shovel all the snow in your wide, wide yard.

want some help? we're still here in oxnard, ca., you know.

lucille said...

You are right Jo, you missed the snow !Perhaps when I come over, there will be sunshine again coz I don't want to suffer pains in my joints because of the cold weather. Whatever, I will enjoy the place and the fact that I will be with Annie and Eddie watching them with envy because they really exude LOVE just like the old times. See you soon!

Mike said...

In Pheladelphia the snow was accumulated up to 8 inches but here in our place in Hatfield it's almost 4 inches only. Right after the snow was stopped at 2:30 pm I began to shovel all the snow in the pathway sorrounding our house. I enjoyed doing it kasi medyo na-exercise and aking katawan at pinapawisan, di ba Eddie?
Luz don't be too sure that there'll be no more smow when you come because a couple of years ago there was a snow happened in the month of April. Don't worry about your joints we have ActiveOn here a joints and muscles ointment, garantisado at sadyang mabisa dahil ito ang ginagamit ni Mrs. Nag-advertised pa ako(he! he! he!) Hihintayin ka namin dito Luz.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Here in Baltimore, Maryland snow was 3 to 4 inches. School were closed and lucky our office closed too. How I wish that Josie and Pete expericed walking under the falling snow.

lucille said...

Pres Mike,
Get ready with that joint and muscle ointment...I will be needing it kasi sabi mo di pala ako tiyak na walang snow sa April at dahil sinabi mong garantisado get me an extra tube I can bring home for my left arm that sometimes have pains.

Am so excited to see you all!

neliaamparo said...

Jo,you can still see some snow but we have to go to the mountains,to either Mt. Baldy or Big Bear Lake.There's still a little bit of snow left.We'll see what we can do.I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Oxnard.

JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

i saw snow and actually lied down on it (for photo ops) at the Grand Canyon, kaya lang naka-pile up na sa ground, sana yong falling snow. snowflakes. gagawa kasi ako ng halo-halo. lalagyan ko ng minatamis na beans, langka, macapuno, ube at alpine ang gagamitin kong gatas. hahaha.
sayang nga, while we we at the MET MUSEUM in new york, nag-snow pala,pero di ko nakita, kasi di ko namalayan inside that huge building. tsk.tsk. sana nakakanta ako ng Winter Wonderland habang nagpapa-video. SAYANG TALAGA!

NEL, we are also looking forward to our mini-reunion with LUZ! calling on all batchmates who can drive down to OXNARD, CA, where Luz will be staying for awhile.

a stay with the BENJAMINS in their beautiful home is something to look forward to. sarap mag-stay sa kanila. daig mo pa ang naka-billet sa isang five-star hotel. they really pamper you there. libre tour pa. and the food - oh boy! galing talagang magluto ni tia annie. now i know kung bakit lalong nai-in love si tio eddie sa kanya!

so see you folks!