Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australia burning

See gallery of images from disaster Down Under


ErnestoDR said...

The world is watching! How many more will die of fire down under?
Is it true that it is a handiwork of arsonists? If so, that is so abominable! They should be hanged.
Glad you are miles away!

orionjri said...

They expect to find more bodies once other burnt areas become accessible.

The weather has been extremely hot down south this summer and it takes little to ignite the tinder dry bush. Arson is highly suspected and this is nothing new. There are thrill-seeking crazies here whose moral brain cells have long been extinct. Pardon the outrage.

Thank you for your concern.

neliaamparo said...

Cora, so relieved to hear from you.I was so worried about your family ,so with Mok and Benruben's. I know now that you're far from the fire, but what about Mok and Benruben? I hope they are far away too.Those bushfires are so familiar to me bec. we've had quite a lot here in California.But I feel so sad for those people who became victims of these horrible crime if it was indeed caused by some crazy arsonists.I hope they get caught and Ernie was right,they should be hanged, if they didn't burn in the fire.