Monday, February 23, 2009

Photos With Lolita

As expected Lolita did not recognize all of us when we visited her at the wake of her brother. There were long moments of really remembering names and faces after more than forty years . We only had a brief time talking to her as she seemed very sleepy after a long trip from Montreal. Since she will be staying for a month in the Philippines ,she promised to see the rest of the batch later.We will arrange the get together next week-end.


orionjri said...

Boy! Are we not thrilled to meet another Batcher we have not seen in years.

Warmest welcome to Lolita. It sure is great to see you again, although most of us can only do so via the net.

However, It is sad to note that sometimes it takes a grievous occasion to bring some of us home and meet up with THE Batch. How we wish it did not have to be like this. Please accept our deep condolences for your loss of a loved brother.

neliaamparo said...

Lita,It's so nice to see you again even only in pictures.I didn't have a hard time recognizing you after all those years.So sorry about your brother.I know that getting together with our batchmates will somehow ease the pain of your loss.

Hoping to see you during our reunion in 2010.