Sunday, February 1, 2009

At Pilar's Place

Batch mates, here are some photos taken at Pilar's place just this evening when we gathered there .Only a few were able come because of the very short notice. Rollie was not around because he was in Tagaytay but we are lucky to have Aida Mendoza Sison . With pancit guisado and luglog ,suman and litsong manok we had a grand time eating and sharing some stories. We also talked about the next reunion, the details of which will be relayed to Pres. Mike by Pilar. Some initial activities will be done by us like looking for venues for the overnight,the picnic and the dinner dance.


ErnestoDR said...

It is always a joy to be warmed by each other's presence. I am certain that you did not have enough time to share your individual stories, as usual. But nevermind, your being together, picking up where you left off is important in keeping the friendship alive.
Keep smiling!
Nice to see your pictures with Aida whom I have not seen in years!

orionjri said...

And doesn't Aida look good!

ErnestoDR said...

Oh, she is gorgeous!