Thursday, May 12, 2011

What's Going on with our Blog?

Something weird is going on and I am not sure what it is.

I am posting as orionjri but as I write, my post is being published as by Josie. Josie's name also appears under my earlier post.

Rolly's posts appear in his real name.

Is this happening on your screen?

Does anyone know what is going on here? I sure don't. Let's just hope the blog survives this.

Update 1:
Still signed on as orionjri I checked our permission page where the bloggers' names are listed. It appears that the problem affects only my email addresses and Rolly's. My email addresses list me as Josie and c_, whilst Rolly's shows his full name.

I still have no idea why or how this happened. Let's hope Blogspot fixes this problem or that it is only occurring at my end. Will check again later.

Update 2:
I went to my Google account and reviewed my details. Weirdly, my "nickname" is shown as Josie. I have altered it back to my original posting id and Blogspot updated my posts.

Rolly, if this is happening on your screen and you do not want your full name shown please check your Google account just to make sure that your details have not been altered. Good luck.

Apologies to you, JJM.

Update 3, Saturday 14 May:

More Blogspot weirdos: Comments on recent posts have been deleted. Will they be restored?


jriclass1963 said...

I myself has sometimes experienced difficulty with posting blogs but appears corrected later on. I don't know also what's happening but the blogs go through anyway.
I sometimes appear on the post as poste by Orion JRI so I sometimes put my name on it. Hope these difficulties are temporary.

neliaamparo said...

Cora,I noticed the problem too.I put a comment on Luz's last posting and it didn't go through,instead I saw some weird things that i've never seen before.And then her posting disappreared,but now it's back but our comments are gone,ganda pa naman noon.I'm glad bumalik yung pix ni pareng Mike.Plus I couldn't put a comment,I'll try again.

neliaamparo said...

It went through,may be something went wrong temporarily,it's ok now,thanks God.Back to normal.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Previously it happened to me I cannot post or enter a comment. I tried to make comment this morning at Luz posting and it went through.

JoGJMac( said...

now i realize how long i've been away from our blog! after a chat with luz the other day, who urged me to see the pictures of our small salo-salo in wawa, i had difficulty signing in, for the simple reason that i've forgotten my password. had to reset it. now i found out that my name appears in other's blogs, like azon's. bakit kaya? i can't find the pictures that luz posted of that eveing in our place. di ko talaga alam kung saan hahanapin, sa dami ng albums na nakalista on the side.

i'm so sorry for the long absence. i have no excuse for that. the fault is on me, pure and simple. MEA CULPA, BATCHMATES.

May I take the chance to thank each one of you for your thoughtfulness during our bereavement. MARAMING SALAMAT!

lucille said...

Jo, wala sa albums ,just go to the April 2011 postings in our blog... Tatay Pedring's Wake and Batch Dinner April ang titles.
AS promised,I will relay to Rollie your suggestion on how to sustain
the efforts on reviving the San Vicente River through awareness sessions with barangay officials where the river is traversing.
we will be glad to see your first posting after your Hiatus. So with Pilar and the rest of the contributors.