Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last Friday the 13th of May, the Orion River Clean Up Project was launched with the USA core group and various NGO's & GO's participating. The project is aimed at saving the San Vicente river which is heavily silted and garbage strewn. The Rotary Club of Orion for it's part has put signs and slogans along the river to instill awareness among the people of Orion against throwing of garbage into the river. As an NGO, we are only a small cog in the wheel but hope to contribute however small. May 19 will be a fun walk to generate funds for the clean up project. Maybe Batch 63 can participate as a group


neliaamparo said...

Wow ganda tingnan,good job.I just hope people of Orion get the message and keep it that way always,it's for everybody's own good.So proud of you guys.As for the fund raising,you can always count on us.

orionjri said...

Most commendable effort. Your part in it makes us very proud as a batch who had been born and bred as native Orionese.

Here's a clarion call to our batchmates to once more take the challenge and be involved in a worthy cause.