Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walk for a Cause

In support of the Save the River Campaign ( San Vicente River ), we, along with other NGO's and civic minded Orionese, participated in the Walk for a Cause on 19May. We also managed to donate some funds. We also hope that the people of Orion were made aware of the sad state of the riverand will contribute towards saving it. The fund raising is a continuing process to sustain the periodic clean up of the river.

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ErnestoDR said...

Hi Rollie,
I would like to express my deep admiration for your selfless act of embarking into a worthy project for the benefit of our dear town of Orion. (setting aside the fringe benefit of being with pretty damsels)
I think instilling awareness in saving the environment (bringing life to San Vicente River) is one giant step forward in our attempt to bring back the dictum that man is to live in harmony with God, with his fellow human being and with nature.
My snappy salute to all of you!
I think I heard this idea from Josie some time ago?
More power!