Friday, May 20, 2011

Hospital week

Two weeks ago we had our lab week,but last week it was hospital week.I gained a few pounds because we have food everyday,that's why I'm trying to lose some of it but it's very hard.It's easier to gain than lose.Anyway,here's some of the pix from the celebration.


lucille said...

Hi Nel,

It is not really easy to lose will take a lot of will power. My cholesterol and triglycirides are high,a friend told me a month of not eating rice will lower both. I was successful for a week ,then the cravings cannot be controlled. So back to rice.

neliaamparo said...

Not only the cravings makes me weak if I don't eat rice.What I'm eating now is brown rice,you don't eat a lot like white rice,it easily makes you full.But it's really hard,especially if there's a party.Try walking Luz,at least 30 min. a day,on your break time,that's what I do.