Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness Gene’ Discovered

A new study has identified a gene that determines our natural happiness level.

The 5-HTT gene regulates the transport of serotonin (“the happiness drug”) in the brain, according to research published in the Journal of Human Genetics. People with the functional variant of the 5-HTT gene tend to lead happier lives.

As a person inherits the gene from both parents, there are three variations--long-long, long-short or short-short. The long-long version is the most efficient.

In the study, over 2,500 participants were asked the question "How satisfied are you with your life as a whole?" with five possible answers; very satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied or neither.

Respondents' answers were compared to their version of the 5-HTT gene found in their DNA...Commenting on the results, which are published in the Journal of Human Genetics, study leader Jan-Emmanuel De Neve said: "It has long been suspected that this gene plays a role in mental health but this is the first study to show that it is instrumental in shaping our individual happiness levels."

He cautioned that the 5-HTT gene is not the only reason for happiness levels.

"The results of our study suggest a strong link between happiness and this functional variation in the 5-HTT gene. Of course, our well-being isn't determined by this one gene - other genes and especially experience throughout the course of life will continue to explain the majority of variation in individual happiness," Dr De Neve said.

"This finding helps to explain why we each have a unique baseline level of happiness and why some people tend to be naturally happier than others, and that's in no small part due to our individual genetic make-up.” (Full Story )


neliaamparo said...

Thanks for the information.I think batch 1963 in general have that 5-HTT gene in our DNA.You know why.
How have you been?I miss your postings,hope you'll start posting again.

orionjri said...

Hi Nelia,

5-HTT gene is Batch63's secret that the public is just now discovering. A happier, cosier batch there has not been before or after ours.

I am doing ok. Just too busy with packing as we are about to move to the bush(hulo) for our final stretch. Hopefully we do not have to move again.

Once we have settled, I hope to get back to webcamping.

Thanks for posting the recent photos of the US Batchers. It is good to see you, guys. It refreshes the emotional connection. Do keep posting more.

Best regards.

neliaamparo said...

It's really hard to move,but it's nice where you will settle down.I wish I could do that,I like to live in the hulo,maybe someday.I like the fresh air and the quiet.Annie and Eddie will be back on May 22 and will have more pictures.They are going to Eddie's niece's graduation in San Diego and they will stop by my place before the go back to New Jersey.

And yes,I will try to do more postings.

Regards to the whole family and take it easy on your moving,just do it a little at a time.

I'll be waiting for more of your postings,when you have the chance.Take care.