Thursday, January 21, 2010

Visit at JRI Campus

The second day of the reunion, January 17 started with a visit to our Alma Mater, JRI Orion . We gathered there,went around the campus. The only remaining familiar structure is the one story building which used to house the Office of the Principal,the library and the rooms. We peeped inside and our batch mates began narrating stories about our high school subjects and our teachers . All are eager to have their stories heard. The photo ops were enjoyable too...everyone rushing to whoever is clicking the camera,even sitting on the laps of the males to have a nice pose .Indeed the Maria Claras before had great transformations after 47 years.
I had my solo picture taken near the bulletin board which was donated by my Dad, Reynaldo Diolola's Dad and another World War II veteran.
Enjoy looking at the pictures...guys!

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