Monday, January 25, 2010

The Dinner Dance

The Dinner dance of Batch'63 at Lou-Is Resort and Restaurant on January 17 was really an affair to remember.Other than showcasing the dancing skills of some of our classmates ,it also afforded some opportunities for us to throw our inhibitions into the air . Imagine,after 47 years,everyone had a chance hugging and kissing everyone. Ernie DR was able to convince us to be closer physically .And yes,we felt so much closer . The other parts of the mini program during the dinner dance brought so much memories of our youth. Emma had asked participants to complete the lyrics of songs during our time and Adoring showed her talent in this contest . Josie shared trivia about Orion by asking the group to guess delicacies native to Orion like pabitak,palidosdos,patko, balikutsa. She also enumerated the different "bansag" of some people in Orion like "Turing na magbababoy","Kikong Huweting " etc.These part of the program elicited laughter.
The dancing feet of Ernie S, Pilar, Nelia, Violet, Tuding Rollie and even Mike were honed . Those who were not dancers joined the "line dancing" with the Dance Instructors (DI) . The finale of the program was the singing of our Graduation Song which made everyone teary-eyed.

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