Saturday, January 16, 2010


Wishing you all Loads of Laughter and Reminiscence and, of course, Food, glorious Food.


lucille said...

Hi Cora,

We missed you! We really had a grand time in the batch picnic in Limay yesterday. We also missed the others who were not able to come for some reasons. Compared to the 2007 reunion where 61 attended, only 42 made it yesterday.I will be posting some reunion pictures soon.
This evening, we will be at Lou-Is Resort for the dinner dance. Early this morning we were in the JRI campus and at Gawad Kalinga in Daan Pare.
Love and regards from all of us here.

Emma Magpoc said...

Ay naku,Cora you,surely will miss the ongoing fun among us .Every time na magkita- kita di nawawala ang jokes,pagalala sa kanilang mga kalokohan noon,kodakan.and of course pagkain.If a group of 2 or 3 posed for picture everybody ran to be with them until the original 3 got ngawit sa position nila.Dagdag mo pa dito ang pagbibigay sa photographer ng about 5-10 cameras to shoot the now class/batch picture.mga classmates natin mga naging picture addict pa sa reunion na ito.he-he.
We missed your presence and that of Fely,Annie Francisco Eddie and others who were with us in2007 but we are sure all of your thoughts are with us these days,di ba?..Aminin. Ganoon din kami dito.naiisip at napapagusapan namin na lalo sana kaming masaya if all of you are with us...
Any way we have to look forward to 2013 for our golden reunion di ba?And the preparation starts right NOW..
Regards and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance..This is me......EMMA

C C ramirez said...

Bunch of Thanks to you both. I must admit it had not been "easy" to open the blog, knowing what I am sorely missing and wondering if the opportunity will ever present itself again. But having seen your photos, I catch the excitement and the palpable pleasure and am grateful and proud to belong to and in this incomparable group.

So go enjoy yourselves! Cherish every moment. I shall enjoy it along with you, distance notwithstanding.