Thursday, January 28, 2010

Other Activities ,More Photos, More Fun

The Reunion of the Decade is still ongoing....lots of fun being together. Let me enumerate the unplanned activities with some photos:

Jan.18 Dinner at Nelia 's Place
Jan.19 Picnic at Morning Breeze Beach Resort ,Bagac
Jan.20 Bingo Session at Violet's Place
Jan.21 Dinner and Bingo at Luna's Place
Jan 22 Pot luck Dinner for the Birthday Celebration of all Batchmates
born from January to June
Jan.23 Dinner Meeting of the Food Committee at Max Restaurant hosted by Lagrimas
and Siony with Nelia,Pilar Lucing, Emma, Julie, Violet and Luna.
Jan24-28 Bingo Sessions
Jan.29 Trip to Camaya Coast in Mariveles

I will be posting pictures at Luna's place,Max and Camaya Coast.

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