Monday, January 18, 2010

At Godwins Resort

From the church where a thanksgiving mass was celebrated,we proceeded to Godswin Resort in Limay.All were wearing a blazing red T symbolize passion, vitality,increased entthusiasm and interest,action and confidence to go after our dreams. The pictures won't lie.....


C C ramirez said...

WOW! These images are phantasmagorically mesmerising.

Red indeed unleashed passion in the Batchhood. Who could have imagined the more "reserved" of the batch enthusiastically puckering up for a photo smooch?

And the sheer joy of the camaraderie just leaps from the blogpage!

Also in the sea of red, body shapes have visually merged,thus everyone looked slim, trim and terrific. I indeed missed a rare chance to "lose" my,ahem, excess baggage (at least in photos.

It's wonderful to see you all via these photos, and to share your fun.

Hope you all have more opportunities to get together and enjoy one another's company.

And one last thing: Could those pretty ladies please take their goggles off when photos are being taken? They say the eyes are the windows to one's soul. For the undeserved benefit of this one brainless rascal who should have been there but is not and is unreservedly sorry, please let me look in.

Batch 63, you've done IT again and this time, better - how to stay together, have fun together through the years and in spite of the passing years. Well done!

felynr said...

Who would have ever guessed that after 2 scores and 7 years JRI Orion Batch '63 is still this strong, and getting stronger even more with each passing year..

Reunion 2010 is another milestone everyone who came and even those like me in tract of what's going on there will forever treasure. This is one precious keepsake of a lifetime.

Stories, games, jokes, laughter, food etc... these i missed. But by your photos, even from afar, I share the warmth of the sweet ever so sweet bond of brotherhood that binds our batch. The red shirts truly magnify the thrill and excitement of the occasion..

The fantastic "step, hop, swing, bend, whatever" of Nel,Julie, Adoring,Lagrimas etc..- so adorable and worth a triple encores.

Congratulations, beautiful people! You did a marvelous job.

See you all in the next reunion.. The Golden Year of Batch '63 is marching on...