Friday, January 22, 2010

Visit to Gawad Kalinga Housing in Daan Pare

Right after the photo ops at JRI, the group proceeded to the Gawad Kalinga in Daan Pare where we had our breakfast of sinangag and itlog and other variants like,tapa,tinapa,longganisa,and tocino .Many chose the tinapa.sinangag and itlog and they really like the tinapang alugasin.Emma brought the round tsokalate which were prepared using blenders instead of the "batirol". Everyone enjoyed the meal. Those who have not previously visited the area looked at the finished structures which are already occupied . Editha, Nelia and Josie distributed candies, chocolates and some toys to the children. Then we had a short meeting to update everyone of the projects we had sponsored . For the scholarship in high school education of sons and daughters of our classmates, all of them are already employed. The GK project is already completed and the assistance to Ondoy victims has been sent to ABS-CBN .

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