Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You Stopped Crying?

Humans are the only animals who shed tears of emotion. Babies cry because of hunger or any unpleasant feeling. Adults use crying as a way to release emotions. Have you cried lately? Let me share some readings on this topic :

. According to some studies there are physical or health benefits from crying? Weeping is one of the mechanisms that humans use to get rid of some toxins. Tears may be involved in removing waste products or toxic substances from the body. Perhaps that is why so many people say they feel better after crying.

Some people may think that crying is just a loss of control and a sign of weakness. But actually, crying is a form of stress release.

It is a shame that attitudes towards crying and tears prevent many people from crying, and it's a sad reflection on our unforgiving society that some people who might benefit from a good cry feel that they shouldn't do it ever - even in complete privacy. Unfortunately most of us - especially boys - are told as children that crying is bad or shameful or childish, which of course is utter nonsense. Arguably only the bravest cry unashamedly - the rest of us would rather suffer than appear weak, which is daft, but nevertheless real.

When you feel pressure, frustration, sorrow or anger - any negative emotions - you should take effective measures to release them.Crying is natural, healthy and curative.

Whatever, shedding a few tears can be a very good thing now and then, and if you've yet to discover its benefits then give it a try. You might be surprised.

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JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

my tear ducts are very active. i cry when i'm happy,i cry when i'm sad, i cry when i'm afraid, i cry when i'm angry, i cry when i'm inspired, i cry when i'm in pain, and so on and so forth.

so paano, healthy ako because i cry a lot? huhuhu.

what do you say, my friend?