Thursday, March 11, 2010


You did it again, Cora! Great job. Friends, If you can read this without any interruption or break away, our blog site was fixed by our hard chargin', relentless, and tireless chief blogger from Brisbane. I would suspect she spent long hours of editing and double checking each and every article or feeds that created the minor hiccup of this site. When she wrote it was all working back to normal, as of 0100 hours (her local time)you do the math and figure out how much time she spent to fix the problem. Please accept our appreciation for a job well done.
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orionjri said...

Hi Eddie'

Thanks for this nice card with a bouncy tune.Enjoyed watching and listening to it. You must teach me how to upload such a one as I have not had success with e cards.

As for the time spent on the redirection issue, it was actually the google link you posted that gave me the idea to check the templates and all the widgets. It did not take long at all. It was just the 3rd one. No sweat, just got lucky. And learned something new.

Thanks also for agreeing to sign on as co admin. We look forward to seeing more interesting sideposts.

Now, Jo, where is that item on Lagrimas? Care to post it again?

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. C thanks for fixing the problem and thanks too to Eddie. Yes, I was surprized the posting re Lagrimas got lost. Yesterday Annie and I was talking on the phone the problem in opening our blogsite and the lost of Jo's posting regarding Lagrimas. Awaiting makatang posting of Lagrimas.

JoGJMac( said...

Thanks so much to you, ADMINS: Azon,
Luz and Tio Eddie! The blog is back to 'normal'

Paano na kaya kung wala kayo?

I found out that I didn't have a file copy of that item on Lagrimas, so I had to make one again. Pasensiya na, di ko na maala-ala yong na-erase sa blog. "senior moment"

So paano, let's all wait for the maiden blog of MARIA LAGRIMAS GUZMAN-FLORES!